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DM's Guild Resources

How to Write for DMsGuild

I'm certainly no expert, but I've documented my own process for writing and publishing content on DM's Guild, and I hope that my own experiences can off you some insights into what can be a confusing process.

DMsGuild Content

The following items are content which I have published on DMsGuild.

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Monstrous Races

Character options for playing every monster in the monster manual. A Platinum best seller within 48 hours, and now an Adamantine best seller because when it launched Platinum was the highest you could go.

Monstrous Races 2

The sequel to Monstrous Races, Monstrous Races 2 converts every monster in Volo's Guide to Monsters into player options.

Big Book of Variant Rules

A collection on variant rules, including guidance on why you should and should not include each variant rule in your game.