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Pathfinder - Shaman Hexes Breakdown


I will use content from the core rules, but will intentionally omit any content not published on the official Pathfinder SRD due to the unmanageable volume of non-SRD content, and the wildly varying quality of non-SRD content. If you would like me to write handbooks for specific content not published on the official SRD, please email me and I will consider it on a case-by-case basis. I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks. Also note that many colored items are also links to the Paizo SRD.

Temporary Note: Pathfinder Unchained and Occult Adventures were both recently added to the SRD. I'm excited to explore them, and I am actively working on adding their contents to my collection of handbooks. I appreciate your patience while I make these changes.


Like the Witch, Shaman's Hexes are an excellent supplement to their impressive spellcasting abilities.

Chant (Ex): Though it works the same way as Cackle, each works for a different set of Hexes. You can't have both, so plan to take either Chant or Cackle ahead of time.

Charm (Su): Charm Animal and Charm Person are both on the Shaman spell list, and they're fairly situational. If a you need to talk to a person, bring up the party's Face. If you need to deal with an animal, either kill it or ignore it.

Evil Eye (Su): Very versatile with a good duration, and you can extend it with either Cackle or Chant.

Fetish (Ex): Craft Wondrous Item is the best item crafting feat in the game. The +4 to identify magic items is amusing, but hardly necessary.

Fortune (Su): This is fantastic on anyone in your party. Rerolls are amazing on anything, and rerolls on this many rolls can do a lot of good things. The duration is pitifully short, so be sure to extend it with Chant.

Fury (Su): Good bonuses, and they scale a bit with level, and you can extend the duration with Chant. If you need your move action on any given turn, your Wisdom modifier provides enough duration that you can take a few breaks.

Healing (Su): Cure Light/Moderate wound are both on ythe Shaman spell list.

Misfortune (Su): This can really help take down an important target, but if they fail their save against this Hex they could probably also fail a save against a save-or-suck spell.

Secret (Ex): Metamagic feats are excellent, and get better as you level.

Shapeshift (Su): Beast Shape is one of the best polymorph spells, but you get it several levels behind everyone else. Polymorphing is a complicated art that you need to plan for when building your character. If you want to use Shapeshift, read my Practical Guide to Polymorph.

Tongues (Su): Situational. Just cast Tongues.

Ward (Su): This is a great buff, and the duration is effectively permanent. The bonus scales to keep up with items, which can save you (or whoever you deem worthy of your Ward) a bunch of money on protective items. Don't use this on your front line characters; getting his a reality for them, and losing the bonus in the middle of a fight is very dangerous.

Witch Hex: Witches have a considerably longer list of Hexes, and many of them are fantastic. For help with Witch Hexes, see my Witch Hex Breakdown.